The Legal Division of the Jackson County Clerk of Courts serves and supports the Court of Common Pleas. This division is responsible for maintaining and providing public access to the permanent court records for the following dockets: Civil, Criminal, Court of Appeals, Domestic Relations, Domestic Violence, Civil Protection, Withholding tax, Sales tax, and Judgment Docket liens. 

Jackson County Local Rules of Procedures

Guidelines in PDF/Word format

Forms in Word Format



 Dissolution guidelines - with Children

Affidavit for Temporary Spousal Support DR Form 7

Dissolution Guidelines - without Children

Affidavit of Income for Post Decree Motions DR Form 6

Visitation Guidelines

Affidavit of Income, Expenses and Property DR Form 1

Court Costs

Health Insurance Disclosure Affidavit DR Form 3


Information of Parenting Proceeding (ORC 3109.27) DR Form 4


Personal History DR Form 2


Praecipe for Transcript